Arterial hypertension and diabetes mellitus: questions of optimizing the control of arterial pressure


  • S.M. Koval State State Institution “L.T. Malaya National Therapy Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • I.O. Snihurska State State Institution “L.T. Malaya National Therapy Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • M.Yu. Penkova State State Institution “L.T. Malaya National Therapy Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Kharkiv, Ukraine
  • O.M. Lytvynova National University of Pharmacy, Kharkiv, Ukraine
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  • K.O. Yushko State State Institution “L.T. Malaya National Therapy Institute of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”, Kharkiv, Ukraine



arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, target blood pressure levels, antihypertensive drugs, review


An overview of literature data is presented on the treatment of arterial hypertension in diabetic patients. Modern approaches to the drug treatment of arterial hypertension in this category of patients are considered. The detailed characteristics of the main antihypertensive drugs that are recommended for adequate control of arterial pressure in patients with diabetes mellitus are


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