Dynamics of Conditions of Arterial Stiffness in Hypertensive Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea

N.A. Krushynska, Yu.M. Sirenko


There were analyzed arterial stiffness in patients with arterial hypertension (AH) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) against of standard antihypertensive treatment during in average 9 months. The aim of the study: to assess conditions of arterial compliance and stiffness in patients with AH and OSA against of standard antihypertensive treatment. Materials and methods. Thirty six hypertensive patients with OSA and nineteen hypertensive patients without OSA (51.55 ± 2.44) were enrolled into the study. The daily sleepiness was assessed by Epworth Sleepiness Scale; there were performed unattended somnograpy by dual-channel portable monitor device, echocardiography, daily blood pressure monito­ring, central blood pressure (CBP) estimation and arterial stiffness with applanation tonometry. Results. The results of the study demonstrated that the persons with OSA had significantly higher pulse wave velocity PWVcf (11.26 ± 0.45 m/s vs 9.99 ± 0.42 m/s without OSA, p < 0.05) and central arterial pressure (139.61 ± 4.14 mm Hg vs 125.68 ± 3.83 mm Hg without OSA, р < 0.05). After 9 months of antihypertensive treatment there were 1.72 m/s higher levels of PWVcf in comparison with initial level (12.98 ± 0.55 m/s vs 11.26 m/s, р < 0.02) and 3,27 m/s higher in comparison with the control group (12.98 ± 0.55 m/s versus 9.71 ± 0.56 m/s, р < 0.0001) as well as the PWVcr was significantly 1.26 m/s higher than in the control group (9.51 ± 0.39 m/s vs 8.25 ± 0.35 m/s, p < 0.05). Conclusion. There was concluded about negative impact of OSA on arterial stiffness in patients and standard antihypertensive treatment did not prevent progression of arterial stiffness in patients with AH and OSA without specific treatment of OSA.


obstructive sleep apnea; arterial hypertension; arterial stiffness; pulse wave velocity; saturation; desaturation index; antihypertensive treatment


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