Physical Rehabilitation of First-Year Students with Hypertension under the Conditions of High Educational Institution

A.V. Fedchenko, M.V. Patsera, O.H. Ivanko


Hypertension is often seen as a pediatric problem, but in the early stages of the disease teens do not perceive it as a disease, as there are no symptoms. This complicates the prevention and treatment of hypertension. Using a training program on exercise bikes in order to increase the level of physical health in adolescents in high school is non-pharmacological treatment hypertension. Training also overcomes a sedentary lifestyle. Students of Medical University 16-17 years with primary hypertension were training on a stationary bike two times a week for 30-40 minutes during 7 months. These students have shown improvement of physical performance, sustainable reductions in blood pressure. Thus, it is advisable to further improve the training program with the introduction of more or less intensive loads by the multiplicity of exercise per week, their duration, the load distribution during exercise. Training will involve adolescents in physical activity and body weight control, active implementation of the youth policy of healthy lifestyles, anti-smoking, non-drinking and excessive amounts of salt.


hypertension; students of the Medical University; physical rehabilitation.

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