Linear Regression of Blood Pressure to Determine the Risk of Secondary Hypotension

M.V. Voitykova, R.V. Khursa


The blood pressure is the most accessible and important characteristic of cardiovascular system. In this paper, we presented a method for classification of medical blood pressure monitoring data by risk of hypotension, which based on the linear regression modeling of blood pressure parameters followed by the application of the support vector machine-based classifier. Machine learning algorithms to differentiate the signals have a high quality score (93 %). To train the classifier, we have calculated 4-dimensional vector of the features of blood pressure, whose coordinates are linear regression coefficients for the systolic, diastolic and pulse pressure. The best quality for the classification of medical blood pressure signals at risk of hypotension had models that used regression of systolic blood pressure by pulse pressure (or diastolic — by the pulse) as compared to the regression of systolic pressure by diastolic pressure.


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