Prognostication Scale for Resistant Arterial Hypertension Development among Elderly and Senile Patients

V.A. Skybchyk, S.D. Bablyak


The article presents mutual connection between presence of some demographic features, risk factors, comorbidities variants, hemodynamic parameters and development and formation of resistant arterial hypertension. There are presented several examples of the existing prognostic and diagnostic scales that widely used in different medical areas (neurology, cardiology, endocrinology) for the same purpose. Having analyzed information obtained from the modern international trials and personal clinical experience we tried to create prognostication scale for the resistant arterial hypertension development in patients of both sexes of elderly (60–74 years old) and senile (75–89 years old) age. Four prognostication groups were defined in connection with the particular disease development as well as the features of the scale application in clinical practice are considered evidenced from the treatment of 2 patients.


resistant arterial hypertension in elderly persons; causes and diagnostic challenges; prognostic scale


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