Effect of Arg389Gly β1-adrenoreceptors Gene Polymorphism on the Parameters of Blood Pressure in Patients with Heart Failure and Systolic Left Ventricular Dysfunction

M.M. Udovychenko, Yu.S. Rudyk.


Studies have been conducted to study the effects of Arg389Gly β1-adrenoceptor gene polymorphism on systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP) and heart rate (HR) in patients with chronic heart failure (HF), arterial hypertension (AH) in the background and without diabetes mellitus (DM) type 2, who received standard therapy for HF using bisoprolol for one year. At the beginning of our study it was shown that patients — carriers of Arg389Arg polymorphism type have higher SBP and DBP compared with Gly389 carriers regardless of DM type 2. When compared to groups similar results were obtained only in the group of patients without carbohydrate metabolism disorders.
More significant reduction in SBP and DBP was obtained in Arg389Arg and Arg389Gly gene B1AR polymorphism carriers against the background of standard therapy for HF using bisoprolol for 1 year in patients with HF and systolic dysfunction, regardless of diabetes type 2. Patients — homozygous Arg389 carriers reported the largest HR decrease in heart rate by 16.0 %, whereas in patients with Gly389Gly gene B1AR polymorphism heart rate decrease did not reach statistical significance.
Thus, the presence of Arg389 was associated with more significant decrease in SBP, DBP and HR at the background of standard therapy for HF using bisoprolol in patients with HF and systolic dysfunction, irrespective of DM type 2.


chronic heart failure; β1-adrenoreceptor gene polymorphism; arterial hypertension; diabetes mellitus; beta-blockers


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