Rational Combination Therapy of Hypertension: Optimizing the Prevention of Cerebrovascular Disorders

A.N. Korzh, I.A. Govbakh


In recent years combination of a calcium antagonist and angiotensin-converting enzyme became increasingly popular, that makes it the new leader of the combination therapy. The combination of constant antihypertensive effect of Eneas with a positive impact on the parameters of cerebral hemodynamics and cognitive functions allows us to consider it as a first-line drug for long-term treatment of hypertension in patients with cerebrovascular disease, and to optimize the prevention of cerebrovascular and cognitive impairments in hypertensive patients due to early inclusion of Eneas to the treatment regimen of patients with cerebrovascular disease.
The outcomes of treatment with the combination drug Eneas (enalapril/nitrendipine 10/20 mg) once daily for 24 weeks showed an effective reduction of blood pressure; lack of hypotonic episodes, including the night hours; the stability of cerebral perfusion parameters; improving cognitive function and good tolerability.


Eneas; hypertension; rational pharmacotherapy; combined fixed-dose antihypertensive therapy; enalapril; nitrendipine; cerebrovascular pathology; cognitive impairment

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