Hypomagnesemia as a Predictor of Decompensation of Chronic Heart Failure in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2

A.N. Belovol, S.A. Krapivko, P.P. Kravchun


In order to optimize the complex treatment of heart failure of ischemic origin in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 we studied the effect of magnesium orotate (Magnerot®, Woerwag Pharma, Germany) on endothelial dysfunction, carbohydrate metabolism in patients with chronic heart failure in combination with diabetes type 2. The positive effect was noted. We made a conclusion about the advisability of administering magnesium orotate (Magnerot®, Woerwag Pharma, Germany) to the patients with chronic heart failure and diabetes mellitus type 2.


chronic heart failure; diabetes mellitus, endothelin-1; magnesium orotate (Magnerot®, Woerwag Pharma, Germany); glycated hemoglobin


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