Comparative Evaluation of Safety of Different Schemes of Antiplatelet Therapy

M.N. Selyuk, N.N. Kozachok, O.G. Livinskaya, N.I. Rudakov


Introduction. The need for long-term use of antiplatelet for prevention of cardiovascular complications has long been standardized in a number of guidelines for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Today, much attention is paid to safety of different formulations. Taking into account an interest to this problem, we have made a direct comparison of the various forms of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) — enteric-coated ASA (Polocard) and combined drug of ASA and magnesium hydroxide.
Materials and Methods. We have observed 48 patients with ischemic heart disease (stable angina), men aged 45.2 ± 1.8 years, who received antiplatelet therapy. Patients in both groups were comparable in age and presence of comorbidities. Based on these data, it was determined that both of the studied drugs cause adverse reactions, which are clinically manifested by various symptoms of dyspepsia and changes in the structure of the mucous membrane of the stomach revealed by fibrogastroduodenoscopy (FGDS). However, the number of patients, complaining of nausea, heartburn and epigastric pain, was lower in Polocard group than in patients treated with combined drug of ASA and magnesium hydroxide. In carrying out FGDS it was found that hyperemia of the mucous membrane of the stomach has been detected in 48 % of patients, administered with combined drug of ASA and magnesium hydroxide, and erosions were diagnosed in 28 % of patients compared to 26 and 17.4 % respectively in Polocard group. It was found that the safety of enteric-coated drug in higher than safety of ASA in combination with magnesium hydroxide.


cardiovascular diseases; prevalence; mortality; prevention; Рolocard; combined drug of ASA and magnesium hydroxide; drug use safety


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