Do We Always Prescribe Life-Saving Medicines to Our Patients, or Indications for Statin Therapy and Statin Administration in Actual Practice (Based on the СИСТЕМА Study)


  • V.I. Tseluiko статини; артеріальна гіпертензія; офіс­ний АТ; гіполіпідемічна терапія



statins, arterial hypertension, office blood pressure, lipid-lowering therapy


The article presents the results of the СИСТЕМА study, which analyzed the prescriptions of statins to the patients with hypertension, who sought help from a cardiologist in the out-patient hospital. It was found that in actual clinical practice, there is an underestimation of the risk for the patient by doctors and the possibility to improve prognosis ­using statins. Most often, but less frequently than they should, cardiologists prescribe statins to the patients with myocardial infarction. In the presents of a history of stroke, diabetes mellitus, chronic kidney disease or high blood pressure, statins are being prescribed by a cardiologist in less than half of the patients.


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