High pulmonary hypertension and pregnancy

V.I. Medved, M.E. Kyrylchuk, E.M. Duda


The aim of the research was to study the course and outcome of pregnancy in patients with high pulmonary hypertension. Fourteen pregnancies with high pulmonary hypertension were described, as well as an analysis of expert and literature data. The analysis of the effectiveness of va­rious methods of treatment and delivery of these women was provided. There were 6 preterm labors (42.9 %). 64.3 % of observed women underwent cesarean section. Vaginal deli­very occurred in 35.7 % of cases. 21.4 % of newborns were born with severe asphyxia, 35.7 % — with mild asphyxia. The incidence of fetus hypotrophy in high pulmonary hypertension was 57.1 %. There were no cases of maternal or perinatal death.


pregnancy; delivery; high pulmonary hypertension


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