Expert groups’ recommendations, preventive commercial food rations with proven efficacy and nutrients prescribed for patients with essential hypertension and obesity at high cardiovascular risk

D.K. Miloslavsky, S.N. Koval, I.A. Snegurska, T.G. Starchenko, V.V. Bozhko


This review considers the issues and prospects of the preventive nutrition in the essential hypertension on the background of alimentary obesity, the role and place of certain nutrients in diets recommended for patients with hypertension and obesity at high cardiovascular risk, with ischemic heart disease, dyslipidemia, disturbances of carbohydrate and purine metabolism. The American and Ukrainian guidelines on the diet and lifestyle modification, the results of multicenter researches on hypertension and obesity were commented, as well as the European diets with proven efficacy (DASH diet, Mediterranean diet, TLC, MIND, D. Ornish diet, polymeal, OmniHeart diet, the Mayo Clinic diet, Paleolithic diet, Weight Watchers diet, LCHF diet, South Beach diet, MEDFICTS dietary fat screener), features of their use in hypertension, obesity, diabetes mellitus type 2, atherosclerosis, short recommendations on increased physical activity in these patients.


preventive nutritional rations; recommended nut­rients; essential hypertension; obesity; high cardiovascular risk


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