No 3.35 (2014)

Table of Contents


Диагностика и лечение резистентной артериальной гипертензии PDF (Русский)
A.N. Korzh 7-11

To help clinicians

Case of Renovascular Hypertension Associated with Fibromuscular Dysplasia of the Renal Arteries PDF (Українська)
G.D. Radchenko, N.A. Krushinska, Yu.M. Sirenko, V.M. Granich 12-18
Сартаны при артериальной гипертензии: одним препаратом поражаем две мишени PDF (Русский)
I.V. Davydova 21-27

Young Scientists

Effect of Arg389Gly β1-adrenoreceptors Gene Polymorphism on the Parameters of Blood Pressure in Patients with Heart Failure and Systolic Left Ventricular Dysfunction PDF (Українська)
M.M. Udovychenko, Yu.S. Rudyk. 41-44
Own Experience of Patient Selection for Renal Denervation PDF (Українська)
G.S. Dobrokhod 45-48
Comparison of the Office, Average Daily and Central Blood Pressure in the Occurrence of Target Organ Damage PDF (Українська)
O.O. Torbas, G.D. Radchenko 49-53
Influence of the Circadian Rhythm of Blood Pressure, Proinflammatory and Metabolic Cardiovascular Risk Factors on the Hypertensive Nephropathy Development in Hypertensive Patients PDF (Українська)
V.B. Bezrodny 54-58
Blood Levels of Apelin-12 in Patients with Essential Hypertension and Type 2 Diabetes and Without It Before and After Combined Therapy PDF (Українська)
K.O. Yushko 59-63

Postgraduate Education

Do We Need Arguments Concerning What is Better, Sartans or ACE Inhibitors? (Part 2) PDF (Русский)
A.D. Radchenko 103-117